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[Open event] Geneva - 29th August, 2017, hosted by PSYND

This is an exclusive event only for the community members

We are inviting all our members to join us to a drink on the lake of Geneva.

All details will be provided through the mailing list

[Open event] Geneva - 27th July, 2017, hosted by PSYND

This is an exclusive event only for the community members

We are inviting all our members to join us to a drink on the lake of Geneva.

All details will be provided through the mailing list

[Event] Geneva - 15th June, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Are you ready for GDPR?

Ignoring the regulation until it becomes enforceable in 2018 could be a costly mistake.
Come and discover how will change the world of IT until May 2018!
During this event we will focus on the likely impact General Data Protection Regulation will have on business critical processes and provide a framework to keep your organization GDPR compliant. We will dive into the consequences and impacts on the Swiss market and we will speak about procedures and policies to achieve the “GDPR compliant” status.
2 CPE credits

[Open talk] Geneva - 31st May, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Let have a beer together!

This event is free of charge, based on invitation and only for our members. In the case you are interested contact us for details.

[Event] Geneva - 11th May, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Dear Swiss CyberSecurity community members,
we are inviting you to discover a new technology, the Blockchain, but this time more from the security point of view.
The introduction will be given by our community member, research and teaching assistant at Geneva University, Oday Darwich about Blockchain and Ethereum. The goal is to understand how blockchain works, how such decentralized application could be built on top of that. He will give us an overview about what does it mean to hard-fork and how can we use the smart contracts.
We will dive deeper in the Blockchain Security with Prof. Bryan Ford, who leads the Decentralized/Distributed Systems (DEDIS) research group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). He will focus on building secure decentralized systems, touching on topics including private and anonymous communication, scalable decentralized systems, Internet architecture for blockchain and security perspectives.

After the presentation we will have a round-table discussion having the chance to ask about more specific aspects, contributing with our knowledge and feedback’s.

Be part of it! Learn from the experts!

We will have a really limited number of places this time, it will be necessary to be registered to attend to the event!

[Event] Geneva - 4th April, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Discover IoT in a presentation of one hour about IoT given by two different speakers. It will be presented what is it, how changed and how it will still change our life styles, the major threats in security, additional potential vulnerabilities and what could be the possible solutions that could arrive from the future.
The presentation will be given by Richard Phan and Mauro Verderosa

> > Find more information here < <

We will have a really limited number of places this time, it will be necessary to be registered to attend to the event!

[Event] Geneva - 10th March, 2017, hosted by PSYND

IoT and blockchain, presented from a legal perspective, as a possible improvement in cyber-security, presented by Marie-Claire Péroux.
This will be an introduction about IoT and Blockchain, given with a 20 minutes presentation, that will be followed by a roundtable and a networking pitch

It will be necessary to be registered to attend to the event!

[Informal meeting] Zurich - 8th March, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Our first meeting in Zurich, let's meet, let's talk, let's have a beer

[Event] Geneva - 17th February, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Presentation given by Pablo Pinés Léon about CASBs

Pablo will provide us an overview about Cloud Access Security Brokers: what are they, and why so many people are speaking about them. Know why you should be interested too, discover their main functionality and how they can be useful

> > Find more information here < <

It will be necessary to be registered to attend to the event!

[Conference] Georgia - 11th February, 2017, hosted by Entrepreneurship School

Swiss-CyberSecurity is invited to speak to an event in Georgia.
Mauro Verderosa will be the speaker about CyberSecurity. The main topic discussed:
- Data privacy on Internet
- Social Engineering
- Access control
- Password management
- Best tool to use to protect your online communications

[Open talk] Sion - 31st January, 2017, by Mauro

First Swiss-CyberSecurity in Sion: let's meet together!

[Event] Geneva, 13th January, 2017 - Privileged Identity Management hosted by PSYND

Presentation given by Mauro Verderosa from PSYND about the Privileged Identity Management model and real use cases on some projects he is working with: Segregation of Duties, Conflict of Interest, what is a privileged account, vulnerability of privileged accounts, what are the most common tools on the market and what do they provide. User Behaviour Analytics tools, what they are and how can they reinforce the Privileged Identity Management.

[Open talk] Lausanne, 2nd December, 2016, by Maria

First meeting in Lausanne: let's know each other!

[Open talk] Geneva, 1st December, 2016, by Maria

Physical security, Uk data surveillance, legal background in CyberSecurity, IoT, Identity and Access Management

[Open talk] The Blockchain and its future usages - 3rd November, 2016, by Maria

This event has been different from the other because Maria presented this new platform and our initiative for 2017. Because we had a lot of new people joining the event, after the roundtable we had the chance to speak about many topics, and, thanks for the high qualified audience, we could go in deep to many of them. The biggest topic touched were again about Data Privacy, IoT, Cryptography, BlockChain and many others.

[Open talk] Threats in IoT - 21st October, 2016, by Maria

Main discussion regarding the attack driven by the Mirai botnet. Security in the IoT, evolution of DDoS and other topics regarding other physical vulnerabilities present today in the market.

[Open talk] InfoSec and most common attacks - 30th September, 2016, by Maria

Back from summer vacation: easy going discussion about CyberSecurity baselines, most common threats and typologies of attacks. Many examples given about the banking and telco domains.

[Event] Access Control - 30th August, 2016, by Mauro

Discussion about the Access Control: main principles, different types of controls, capability tables, access control steps and principles, multi-factor authentication types and access control models.

[Open talk] Change management and Integration - 28th July, 2016, by Maria

We discussed about CyberSecurity in the companies, change management and integration and the threats in operations.

[Event] Information Security & Risk Management - 19th April, 2016, by Mauro

After a short introduction about IT security the main topics that I touched were: Availability-Integrity-Confidentiality triad, risks and threats, how to calculate their cost, how to take the right decision.

[Open talk] Common threats in banks - 2nd March, 2016, by Maria

General discussion about what kind of vulnerabilities are more common in the market, specifically to the banking domain. Discussion held with a CISO from a Private Swiss Bank.

[Event] Awareness Training Part II - 23rd February, 2016, by Mauro

Second part out of two CyberSecurity Awareness Training session. We went deeper into this topic presenting some examples of malwares (Virus, Worms, Trojan horses, etc.), prevention and mitigation best practices.

[Event] Awareness Training Part I - 26th January, 2016, by Mauro

First part out of two CyberSecurity Awareness Training session. We spoke about personal data protection: what means online privacy, how to use social media and chats, which are the secured channels for internet, what happen when your data are collected, how this could impact your personal and professional life and what to do to prevent.

[Open talk] Common vulnerabilities at work - 25th November, 2015, by Mauro

Last meeting before 2016: general discussion about several CyberSecurity topics, understand what are the trends on the market, and what we could expect from the coming year.

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