Here the sponsor who supported this initiative.

To keep a high level of quality is required a big effort for the organization and there are many costs that are needed to be covered. Due to this, we are always looking for sponsors that might be interested to support us in this initiative.

  • PSYND - IT Security Services

    PSYND is a Swiss IT consultancy company based in Geneva.
    PSYND is focused on CyberSecurity services and they are one of the most experienced companies in Switzerland in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain.
    Some of the experts of PSYND are the original founders of this community, and PSYND is today the main sponsor of this initiative.

  • (ISC)²

    (ISC)² Chapter Switzerland fosters the community and connects information security specialists, which live or work in Switzerland or have a close connection to Switzerland. We organize regular events for members with talks, workshops or seminars.

  • Become our sponsor

    We are a non-profit platform group, but we are looking for sponsors to keep the platform alive. In the case you might be interested to become our sponsor contact us.

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