Our History

Our History

Here in a few steps, the short history of our community!

  • November 2016
    Swiss CyberSecurity events

    We finally decide to launch a new platform to group all formal and informal events, and to create a community of CyberSecurity experts and enthusiasts. This initiative will come up with a new series of formal events in January 2017.

  • March 2016

    We decide to create a Meetup group to share more and more our vision with other experts and, in less than one year, we were able to build a community of 150+ interested people about CyberSecurity topics.

  • November 2015
    Formal events

    We start to launch public formal events speaking about CyberSecurity Awareness, Social Engineering, Access Control and Risk Management.

  • March 2015
    Informal beers

    We agree about inviting also new people to join our informal meetings: we started to speak mainly about CyberSecurity, but not excluding other topics as well.

  • 2013
    We started our journey

    A group of colleagues, all passionate about CyberSecurity, meets after work in Geneva and start to discuss, in front of a beer, about challenges found at job, what could be improved and what could be the next steps in the CyberSecurity world.

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