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[Open talk] Zurich - 20th September, 2017, organized by PSYND

Let have a beer together!

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[Event] Geneva - 28th September, 2017, hosted by PSYND

Access Control: have you ever imagine how controls are working and how they are implemented into a bank or into a military complex? How much could be safe your secrets? How much could be difficult to penetrate them? Lets understand together how the access controls are implemented both on physical and the logical side

1 CPE credit


[Event] Geneva - TBD, hosted by PSYND

The Social Engineering attacks and their consequences

We will learn about Social Engineering, what they are, how do they work, how to recognize and prevent them.
We will see complete attacks, from the analysis of the target until the access to the computer or the phone of the victim using RATs (Remote Access Tools)
2 CPE credits


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